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Understanding Your Acura Maintenance Minder System

To keep your Acura in optimal running condition, servicing your vehicle at factory-recommended intervals is essential. That's why all Acura vehicles produced after 2007 are equipped with a Maintenance Minder System. This system monitors the life span of your vehicle's engine oil, transmission fluid, engine air filters, cabin air filters, coolant, spark plugs, timing belt (if equipped), and rear differential fluid.

The computer determines the life of each item based on driving conditions, rather than mileage, to more accurately determine when your Acura needs maintenance. This system has the unique ability to move up or delay other routine maintenance procedures until it's time to have an oil change, keeping your service visits to a minimum.

Anytime the estimated lifespan of each item falls under 15%, a wrench symbol will illuminate on your dashboard, notifying you to service your vehicle soon. At 5% the service is due immediately, and at 0%, service is past due. It will then count in negative numbers until service is completed. Once service is complete, the technician must reset the Maintenance Minder System to begin the calculation process again.

The Maintenance Minder System also flashes codes. The first code uses the letters "A" or "B". "A" means your vehicle needs an oil and filter change. "B" means your vehicle needs an oil and filter change, brake inspection and servicing. The second code uses the numbers 1-6, designating the following:

  1. Tire rotation
  2. Engine air filter and cabin air filter, and check drive belt
  3. Transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped)
  4. Spark plug replacement, timing belt replacement (if equipped), inspect water pump and valve clearance
  5. Engine coolant replacement
  6. Differential fluid replacement (if applicable)

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