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Replacing Your Acura's Tires

To keep control of your Acura while driving, you need to ensure that you have traction between your tires and the road.  Most tires have little trouble delivering traction on dry roads, but wet, slushy, or snow-covered roadways require specific tread designs to reach optimum performance. 

All factory-recommended Acura tires are engineered to maintain traction, even in moderately difficult driving conditions. As you put more mileage on your tires, the depth of your tires tread will wear down. The more wear and tear your tires receive, the more likely your vehicle is to slip in the snow or hydroplane in the rain. The more tread you have, the sooner you'll be able to stop when you need to hit the brakes. The less tread you have, the longer it will take.

Given the volatility of Ohio weather, Superior Acura recommends changing tires once they reach approximately 4/32" (3 mm) tread depth. While it may not seem economical to change your tires before the treads are legally worn out (2/32", 1.6 mm), it is far less expensive than repairing a car that wasn't able to stop in time!

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