Before winter set in, you should have had your vehicle serviced to ensure everything was ready for the harsh winter weather. However, if you haven't done it yet, you should do it as soon as possible. Give our service department at Superior Acura of Dayton a call to schedule an appointment to ensure that all systems are go for the colder weather.


Check all the fluids before the winter, especially the antifreeze. If you haven't had your vehicle's radiator flushed in three or more years and you don't have extended-life anti-freeze, you should have it flushed and refilled. If you have extended-life antifreeze, you should have the coolant system flushed at least every five years unless Acura recommends otherwise for your specific model.

While you are checking the fluids, check for leaks. If you are not sure where to check the fluids or how to check for leaks, call our service department for an appointment.


Be sure you have all-season or winter/snow tires on your vehicle. And, you should have more than 6/32-inch of tread. If you have less, it's time for new tires. The tread could get as low as 2/32-inch in the summer; however, this is not enough tread to give you traction in the snow.

Charging System

The cold affects the battery, making it harder to start the vehicle in the winter. If your vehicle's battery isn't that great at the start of winter, it will most likely fail you at some point. While you are having your battery checked or changed, be sure your service technician checks the alternator.

Snow and Slush

If you have frozen snow and slush buildup under your vehicle, wash it off. It's most likely full of salt or other chemicals; and these chemicals will damage the paint. The sooner you can clean the chemical-laden ice off the vehicle, the better. Additionally, salt and chemicals will cause any metal to eventually rust.

Visit Superior Acura of Dayton

Give our service department at Superior Acura of Dayton a call to set up an appointment for winter service if you haven't done any service or if you need new tires.

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