The New Acura NSX Takes Luxury Performance to New Heights

Sleek and sophisticated.  Powerful and luxurious.  These are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the athletic and elegant Acura NSX from Superior Acura of Dayton.  The NSX may be the perfect blend of muscle and exquisite engineering for drivers from Austin Landing to West Chester.  Now is the time to order yours from Superior Acura of Dayton in Centerville. Feel free to check it out at the local Austin Landing Cars & Coffee event where the NSX will be showcased.

Unprecedented Power and Performance

When you talk about the NSX, you first need to know about the unique hybrid powertrain it brings to the table.  Acceleration is the name of the game for the new NSX.  Show your dominance at any Kettering traffic light by hitting zero-to-60 in a mere 2.9 seconds.  A potent twin-turbocharged V6 engine pair with three electric motors and a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to bring you a combined 573-horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque.

The NSX is a marvel of engineering with its dynamic handling and responsive steering.  Magnetorheological dampers provide the nearly-silent atmosphere to let you reflect on the perfect driving conditions you have granted yourself through the cabin of your NSX.  The advanced, lightweight suspension gets you through Oakwood without ever blinking when you bounce along the road.   It is perfectly balanced to bring out the instinct you have to speed through life in an upscale environment.

The new NSX brings you the unique ability to control the volume, depending on your mood or environment.  When cruising through your West Chester neighborhood, you may want to go with the Quiet mode, with silencers in effect.  When you hit the city streets, perhaps you opt for the Sport mode, which opens up the exhaust valves on your command.  But when you want to hear the growl of the engine Sport+ and Track mode makes the silencers completely irrelevant.

When it comes to playing the part of an athletically-tuned, high-performance sports car, the NSX has the role perfected.  Available packages allow you to boost your performance with carbon-ceramic brakes, roof panel, engine cover, and other elements.  Exterior and interior carbon-fiber trim can change the way you feel inside your NSX.  Lightweight manually-adjustable sports seats are available at no extra cost.

Luscious Features

The infotainment package of the NSX brings you everything you would need in a high-performance sports car.  A seven-inch touchscreen provides easy access to your standard Apple and Android integration and vibrant graphics for your navigation system.  The AcuraLink smartphone connectivity system comes standard and matches your device instantly.  Siri Eyes Free limits the distractions by giving you access to voice commands for texting, messaging and navigation.

Priceless Interior

Once inside the NSX, you may be forgiven if you overlook the potential for a supersonic experience for the briefest of moments, as you take in the upscale elements of the cabin.  Noticing the ergonomically supportive twin sport seats will quickly snap you out of that trance.  The large, Milano leather-clad seats are designed for drivers of all shapes and sizes.  The four-way manual or power-adjustable seats promise even the taller drivers will fit comfortably inside.

Alcantara upholstery enhances the cabin with even more opulent decoration.  The tailored leather-wrapped steering wheel gives you a grip you won't experience on any other sports car; hidden stitching limits any potential discomfort, while 10-and-2 are set into the wheel with the slightly indented finger holds.  You'll catch the full beauty of Dayton and Oakwood through the unobstructed windshield of the NSX, frameless rearview mirrors and side mirrors.

Order Your NSX from Superior Acura of Dayton Today

Act now!  Build your dream sports car in the form of the new Acura NSX and place your order at Superior Acura of Dayton, a luxury car dealership. Be the first in your neighborhood to stake their claim on this completely mesmerizing sports car.  Customize your NSX down to the color and let your spirit shine through in your new Acura NSX.

The 2020 Acura NSX is Coming! Order Yours Now Before It's Gone!