What Makes Acura a Luxury Brand?

Thinking about luxury brands brings to mind upscale features like modern, sleek exterior designs, a comfortable and handsome interior, a silky-smooth ride, and much more. With many brands producing new vehicles every year, it might be hard to pinpoint which brands are luxurious and which are not near Centerville, OH. Acura is without a doubt a luxury brand, for all of the reasons below and plenty more.

The Value of an Acura

How is luxury defined near Dayton, OH? Luxury is typically anything that creates a state of great comfort or extravagant living. Luxury vehicles feature top of the line materials, designs, and standard features to give drivers that sense of extravagance. Luxury vehicles like Acura give drivers the best of the most innovative features. This is true for new Acura vehicles as well, as this luxury car brand has been delivering on what drivers have wanted ever since their first year in the automotive industry.

Yet luxury Acura vehicles are typically expensive near Austin Landing, OH. While this is true for many other brands, Acura is much more affordable. This gives Acura more value than other popular luxury car brands and makes it the smarter choice for those looking for a luxury vehicle. There is more peace of mind when shopping for an Acura, and less stress, making for happier customers.

Exterior and Interior Qualities

But what elements on the exterior and interior lend to Acura's luxury image around West Chester, OH? When it comes to both, there is plenty of qualities to focus on. Acura designs vehicles with purpose from crossover to supercar. Focusing on Precision Crafted Performance, Acura models feature precise lines, muscular appearances, and wide stances, enhancing every contour for efficiency. Each vehicle is sculpted to create graceful lines and bold planes, allowing drivers to experience the thrill of driving at a glance.

The interior does not hold back either. The inside is crafted using premium materials to create unique proportions, contrasts, and surfaces. The available ELS STUDIO®32 Premium Audio System amps up the sound quality, fine-tuned to reflect performance with active noise cancellation.

History of Acura

To gauge the level of importance and luxury Acura has gained, take a look at Acura's history. Acura got started in 1986 and was born from the passion, hustle, and secret meetings from dedicated Honda engineers. Acura quickly rose to the top of the industry in a single year with two luxury performance classics, the Legend and the Integra. Within Acura's first three years, they built the NSX, a supercar that outshined the competition both on the track and on everyday roads. Fast forward to the 2000s and Acura releases the MDX, the first crossover SUV that came with standard three-row seating, which introduced a whole new class of vehicle to the industry. This proves that Acura, in its over 30 years operating in the automotive industry, has been a leading innovator of luxury vehicles.

Acura has no plans of putting on the brakes anytime soon near Kettering, OH. By 2036, Acura dreams of setting new standards once again. So keep an eye on this luxury brand and its vehicles like the RDX, TLX, and ILX.



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Where Can You Find a Luxury Car Dealership and Service Center?

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